Yom Tov Dresses In Every Price Range

Purim has passed and Pesach is almost here. I put together a comprehensive shopping guide for Yom Tov dresses separated by price. There are so many beautiful options in each price range.


Dresses that are under $200

There are so many great options at this cheaper price point. There are dresses here that would be great for a teen and some that can work great for an adult as well. No need to break the bank while outfitting your girls for Pesach, the summer and camp.

*Tip – add a cropped cardigan on top of a sleeveless dress for a more finished look.

Dresses in the $200 – $400 range

In this higher price range, there are so many options; whether you want something more elegant for yourself, or something beautiful for your older teen or post high school daughter. There are so many beautiful solids and printed options to choose from.

Dresses in the $400 – $600 range

When you get to this higher price range, the dresses are a little more special with a bit more of a designer flair to them. If you enjoy a well-made dress with flair, you will find something here.


When you are buying a dress for a high price, make sure it is something that really speaks to you, that you will get a lot of use out of. A well-made dress can take you through many seasons. So, if you have a Simcha, or you would just like to treat yourself for Yom Tov to a quality dress that speaks to you – you can find something here. * I have a Zimmermann dress that I bought four summers ago and it’s still going strong! Get compliments every time I wear it.

Do you have a favorite velvet dress? Let me know at chavi@fashioninaflash.com or WhatsApp


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