Yom Tov Shopping for Your Teenage Daughter

Pesach is almost upon us (I know, it’s scary to think about!) and that means time to outfit our families for Yom Tov. The local stores have an extensive selection of beautiful tznius clothing. But if you are like me and you don’t want to cram into an overcrowded store with your cranky teens, or maybe you or your daughter would like something unique, then this blog is a must read for you.

When buying dresses for high school age girls my requirements are: color, fit, price and a bit of fun. Below I have gathered a collection of appropriate, colorful, and interesting dresses at under $250.

They are from Anthropologie one of my favorite websites for finding unique clothing. Anthropologie has an amazing return policy, so don’t overthink it, just order it, the good stuff goes quickly. Always read the reviews to get an idea on sizing, though I find most of their clothing to run true to generous sizing. They also carry petites which is really helpful for smaller girls, the waist will hit right, and you won’t need to pay for hemming.

Good Luck shopping for your daughters! And don’t forget about yourself.

Let me know if I can help you with your personal shopping needs at chavi@fashioninaflash.com or through WhatsApp (848) 269-1155

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