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Wedding season is officially here (do we have an actual wedding season? Idk it’s debatable) and we want to look fabulous! Here are some of my favorite picks for that special occasion, whether it’s a Vort, Bar Mitzvah, or wedding.

I also paired a clutch for each dress as there is nothing more annoying than holding your phone and keys an entire simcha. Many of the bags are neutral so if you like the bag and don’t need the dress, they can still be a great addition to your wedding wardrobe.,


Just take a second to appreciate the gorgeousness of this dress! The colors are magnificent, and the soft silk and drape of the dress is absolutely beautiful! I can see this on a kallah for her Vort, or mother of the Bar Mitzvah boy or even for a siblings wedding. This dress comes in a red floral print too.

I paired it with a woven silk clutch in cream, which I think compliments the dress nicely. This bag gives off Bottega vibes, but the price is no way near a Bottega.

I love this dress, I own this dress in white with multi color floral. I wore it to my son’s Bar Mitzvah Kiddush (and afterwards to a nephew’s wedding), it was a huge hit. What I love about this dress is the fact that it’s a shirt dress style but it’s long and a ballroom skirt, so it’s a nice mix of casual and dressy. Don’t get scared off by the fact that it is a shirt dress, it has a very dressy look on, and it is a bit out of the ordinary. The fit is excellent, and it has beautiful lines. I posted the black version here, but it comes in white as well.

I paired it with a simple leather clutch with an oversized bow, this bag comes in white too.

This is a great fully mesh dress by Philosophy. It is not lined so you would need to wear a long sleeve shell, and a long slip or a shell dress. This dress is very forgiving, it has a fabulous fit! It may be possible to find this dress for a bit cheaper, but there is typically only one size available, so I didn’t post it. This style dress comes in some pastel-colored prints too.

I paired it with a patent leather clutch with rhinestone embellishment that is an excellent bag to have. It will match all your black dresses and is classic enough to use for multiple seasons.

This is the same dress in a different color option. There are very few sizes available, but the price is amazing so if it’s your size grab it.

I paired it with this cool Cult Gaia fan bag. I’m not sure what I like better, the dress or the bag – they are both so awesome.

This dress is something special. The colors and print are fabulous, and it is a sophisticated dress with beautiful details (look at the seams). If I was making a simcha, I would grab this dress.

A special dress deserves a special bag! Soft pink velvet, pearls, and a great shape, this bag is fabulous.

This beautiful dress comes in two vibrant colors. It has pleated detail and statement flowers.

The dress is a statement, so I kept the bag simple, the color compliments the dress nicely.

This dress is beautiful in its simplicity. The shape and the fabric make the dress. With the right pair of heels and a pair of statement earrings, you will steal the show.

I love the top handle and shape of this bag. I chose a rhinestone bag because the dress is simple, it can use the pop.

This is a classic knit dress by Lela Rose. I picture this dress on a kallah, or for a good friends’ wedding. This dress comes in multiple colors (pink, white, soft blue, black etc.)

I paired this gold dress with this soft pleated bag, the gold strap ties it all together.

This dress has a bit more fun to It with the multi color pattern. I recently saw a kallah wearing this for Shabbos Sheva Brochos, it was beautiful.

I paired it with Cult Gaia’s best-selling clutch in a barely there green. This clutch comes in a few colors, it is a real statement piece.

This is a beautiful soft pink gown. It has beautiful details and would be a fabulous choice for your next simcha. I find that sometimes people are scared off with buttons or a v-neck bodice, but for a large chested woman, or someone with broad shoulders this style looks amazing. Attention is drawn away by the detail on the top of the dress, and it is quite flattering.

I paired a simple blush clutch to go with this dress, though any pearl, cream, or gold would go as well.

I love the colors and the shape of this dress, the high neck adds some drama too. This would work well for a Kallah, but I think it is sophisticated and can be worn by someone older too.

I paired it with a simple pink leather purse in a great shape. I think it goes well with the sleek vibe of the dress.

Though this dress is quite simple it has beauty in its simpleness. I can see this on the minimalist bride. I posted the white, but it comes in soft pink and black too.

I paired this dress with a white pearlescent purse. which is a great neutral bag, that can match almost anything.

If you know Needle and Thread, this is a perfect representation of their style. They use soft floaty fabrics and embroidered floral prints. I posted this one here, but they have many different styles to choose from.

I paired this dress with a classic Jimmy Choo glitter bag in soft pink and silver hues.

I have a soft spot for a fully lace dress. I love the color of this dress and the scalloped bottom. Self Portrait makes high quality dresses for relatively affordable prices. I can’t post all their items, but this is a good representation of their work.

I paired this dress with a simple rhinestone crossbody phone bag. I happen to love a crossbody bag for a wedding because it’s lightweight and you can dance with it, but if the dress is busy, I would opt for a clutch or shoulder bag. This dress has a very simple shape and style so I think a crossbody will go nicely.

This dress is young and floaty and has really nice details. I needed to post this dress; purple is the color of the season after all. I would put it with a purple color shell. If you cannot find one, there are people who dye shells to match.

The clutch I paired has great colors, and the price is great.

This dress from Mac Duggal is a beautiful peachy cream color. It has a very nice waistline, so if your waist is your strong point, this dress will look great on you. I found this dress for one of my clients to wear to a wedding. She used the extra fabric from hemming the dress to fill in the neckline and it looked amazing!! This dress is a fabulous price, people will think you spent way more on it.

This bag is not cheap but it matches the dress perfectly, so I had to post it. The crystals are Swarovski, which I guess explains the price.

This gown is actually quite similar to the previous dress but it is fully modest, and would require almost no work done to it. This dress is so elegant! If you like quiet simplicity, this is such a beautiful option.

The elegance of this dress deserves a purse like this! I’m buying this purse! I don’t need it but I’m buying it anyway 😊

If you are someone who feels most comfortable in black, this dress is such a great choice! It is black based but still has so much vibrancy. The hemline is high-lo which is always slenderizing.

There is something so soft and feminine about this dress. I see this on a high school aged girl, and the sleeves can easily be lengthened. This dress comes in multiple colors.

Because I picture this dress on someone younger, I paired it with a phone crossbody bag. I think this is a great bag to have, it is so easy and elegant. Oh, and the price cannot be beaten.

We started this blog with a Zimmermann dress, and we are ending with one too. They have so many stunning dresses, it was hard to choose only one more. I picked this one because of the lace (love) and the buttons and gorgeous waistline. And the price is pretty good for a Zimmermann.

A special dress deserves a special bag, and this clutch certainly fits the bill.

Do you have a favorite velvet dress? Let me know at chavi@fashioninaflash.com or WhatsApp


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