Shabbos Casual Wear

Casual Wear

In the good old days when I was growing up, we wore something called Shabbos Robes (remember those?) and we went to a separate store to buy them. These days I like to get what I call a Robe-Dress, which is in essence just a maxi dress that is dressy enough for Shabbos but still has a comfortable feel to it. So when I’m out and about on a Shabbos afternoon, I look casually put together and I’m not too nervous about getting dirty from sticky hands.

I usually buy two or three a season, so I have for Friday night and Shabbos afternoon, and I’m not horribly bored of wearing the same thing every week.

Everything I’m posting here is what I would wear for this purpose, but they are regular dresses that can be worn for any purpose that you like. I posted solid, prints, summery vibe and more of a solid black look, choose what speaks to you.

I know that some people don’t like to spend on a robe dress, but I feel that in honor of Shabbos and the fact that it gets worn more often than all the fancy stuff; I think it is worth it to invest in something nice. With that being said, I tried to post reasonably priced dresses.

Wishing everyone an amazing Yom Tov season, spending time with family and friends, and looking fabulous all the way!

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