Best Leggings to wear to the gym

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I go to the gym almost every day, besides for the obvious benefits for my health and weight, I have a great group of friends who I work out with. I asked some friends for their opinion, what are your favorite workout leggings? (it’s a real struggle!! If you know, you know!) So here are the top four leggings narrowed down.

Just a few things to know about leggings in general:

Length: There are three lengths overall capri, 7/8, Full length. If you are the type to get really hot go with the capri’s. I prefer the 7/8 because I don’t want my leg to show when I’m running an errand post workout (just my personal preference) but I find the full length a touch too long for me. It’s really just a comfort thing.

Pattern: Leggings can be fun! Sweaty Betty in particular has some great prints, I personally prefer solids (OK, solid black!) because I feel thinner in them. But if you have the confidence (or the legs) go for it, have fun!! It’s the gym!

Price: Most of the leggings I posted here are pricey, I think it is a worth it investment. If you want comfort, style, and a good fit (don’t want your pants to be shifting while you jump around) you’re going to have to spend. The cheap leggings you can pick up anywhere will be saggy, loose, uncomfortable while working out, and probably won’t hold you in well.

Do you need a T-shirt to go with the leggings? We’ll get to that too!!

Stay tuned!

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