Get Your Coat On

The weather is starting to change, we’ve switched over to black tights (yay!) and coats are not far behind.

There are a few things to keep in mind when buying a coat.

Use – what do you primarily use your coat for? If you are mostly running in and out of a car and not spending large amounts of time outdoors, I would suggest something more lightweight and shorter so you will feel comfortable sitting in your car. If you do spend a lot of time outdoors, opt for something warmer even though it is bulkier because you’ve got to be warm. 

Shape – Coats come in all different shapes and lengths. For someone who is tall and slim, most styles will work well. If you are shorter, it is better to go with a coat that is a little more to the cropped side or a bomber style. It will also define the waist, which is something that a longer coat will not do.

Style – There are so many cool coat styles out there from puffy down, to trench, fur, to double breasted wool coats. I always like to start with the basics, everyone needs a puffer. Once you have that, there are always fun or dressier options. 

Price – I think investing in a quality coat is worth it as it is something that you use a lot, and it can be used for a few seasons. With that being said, I will still post coats in cheaper price ranges as well. 

I will post some of my favorite coats for this season which fall into all of these categories. Choose the one that works for your shape, lifestyle, and price range. 

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