Elevated Black Skirts

Every girl has to have one or two (or five) black skirts.
The building block / backdrop to many outfits is the black skirt. Whenever I find a good black skirt, I buy it! Because you can never have too many. There are so many different kinds; long, short, simple, and elaborate.

There are two types of black skirts. There are those that work as a blank slate for a more elaborate top. Then there are those that are real statement pieces, and you don’t really need much to go with it, because it stands on its own. For example, I own a black skirt that I bought over 5 years ago, something really unique. It was quite expensive, but five years down the road I have goten my money’s worth many times over. Every time I wear it, it gets noticed.

So here are the a few black skirts that I think are great to own, from the simple to the more elaborate.

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Millie Dress
September 28, 2023
Persephone Dress
September 28, 2023
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