What to consider when buying a coat

The first thing to consider is your lifestyle. Are you mostly just running from your car to the office or to the supermarket? Do you spend actual time outside either walking or waiting for the bus etc…

I would go with the lightest weight coat you can get away with for the following reasons – coats are NOT slenderizing!!

So, if you are going to be mostly in the car and don’t need a massive puffer, then stay away. A lightweight down will give you a slimmer look overall and also you won’t overheat in your car. If you do spend a lot of time outside, by all means get the warmest coat you can find. It’s important to look good but it’s more important not to freeze.


My favorite lightweight down coats right now are:

Great warm coats:

Slightly puffier but still has a nice shape, some great choices in unique fabrics.

Another thing to consider is your height, if you are shorter a bomber style coat will definitely be a better fit for you because it ends at the waist, it will give you a nice shape and not overwhelm you.

If you are tall and slim you can get away with something a little longer and a little boxier.

For anyone who has more weight on them I would stay away from any fuzzy, furry fabrics as they tend to add an extra ten pounds.

For example, the following coats are a bulkier fabric which are still really cute, just make sure you can pull it off.

Another thing that is really trending right now is Shearling, these are not your mothers shearlings! They are cool, trendy, and fun. And happily, not too bulky.

We are also loving fur so many really cute options out there and for quite decent pricing too

And just to leave you with some coats that I love, but can’t justify buying right now because they aren’t that useful to me. Maybe you’ll find a need for them.

Happy coat shopping!!

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